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The point of this project is to make using Microsoft's WinPE 3.0 and ImageX applications easy. The basic tools are set up in a fairly extensible way. To build the ISO image, you need the Windows AIK Tools and the tools you want to add to the image.
First, you need a folder with this structure underneath it:
   ---Custom Scripts (contains all your additions to the ISO)
   ---Drivers (contains any additional network or other drivers you would like to add)
      ---Driver Folder
      ---Containing .inf files
   ---Tools (this contains the contents of the "%PROGRAMDIR%\Windows AIK\Tools" Directory)

(The reason for a particular folder with this structure is so network-based ISO creation can be done. Create a share on your server with this structure, map it in the creation tool and there you have it.)

Image Creation.exe is the program that builds the WinPE ISO you'll be using. It essentially aggregates the steps found in the Windows AIK Setup procedures for building these disks. I tried to make the procedure as simple as possible.

Dump anything you want to add into the "Custom Scripts" folder, dump any drivers you want to add into the "Drivers" folder (each driver should have it's own folder) and then run the tool.
Once you've started the tool, simply select your folder where all the files are stored, select the destination for the ISO, select your architecture (most likely x86, and the tools are only compiled on x86 right now, but at least it's ready to be moved...) and click "Build ISO".

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